Wednesday, October 19, 2005

quick homework break

amazingly i've actually been working on my homework/project that's due next week. similarily it's amazing (actually kinda stupid) that the way that i'm taking a break from typing up my part of the project is to sit and continue typing but on my blog instead. It's about 10:45 (probably will be close to 11 after i finish typing this), but i plan on getting as much done as i can tonight and then again tomorrow. although the only reason i'm working hard right now is 'cause there's some people heading to melbourne this weekend and said i could go with them. the only way i think i can go is if i get a lot of my project part and another assignment done. Good thing i've already started on the assignment as well, just have to do a couple of things on SPSS (a statistics program) for it. on my project i just have to make complete sentences out of the rough draft and notes that i took/made for my part of the project.

although i was also suppose to be meeting someone for coffee on friday, but if i go to melbourne i won't be able to meet. hopefully it won't matter if it gets postponed to monday or whatnot since i've only been to melbourne once and that really wasn't for very long and once again i'll be able to just catch a ride with someone and will have a free place to stay at, which is always a positive. well back to typing my part of the project and it is about 11 now, imagine that. laters

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