Tuesday, October 25, 2005

hw break (again)

ok so maybe not a quick comment afterall, as i'm tired of looking at my homework/project that i've been typing (although it's only been for like an hour). just wish i could type it out (without it costing me like $5 or more). oh well, i should be able to use a friends computer/printer later today. it's just easier to type/write things when you can rummage thru your research and have it spread all over a room (my prefered method) than trying to fit several different Word documents on a computer screen.

there's heaps of things i need to do this week, but it's gonna be really hard to stay focused, well at least on the school side of the things that i need to do. mostly it's because its stoneweek, like i said earlier with all the events/activities that are going to be going on. but also 'cause i want to be spending time with friends and such since i'm gonna be coming back to the states in like 26 days or so. once this week is done though i'll be able to relax a bit.

ok back to hw, at least until i'm suppose to go meet a friend for lunch.

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