Monday, October 31, 2005

no more classes

k so actually thursday was my last day of classes, but i was busy until now. i got my project/presentation and assignments done, which i was glad about. still have one more assignment/project that's due on friday, but it shouldn't be that hard, we just got to analyze the numbers we have and put it on a webpage. unless something really drastic happens i'm pretty sure it won't take that long (might just take a while remembering how to use frontpage or whatnot in order to make the webpage).

lets see, stonefest was fun, although i wish i woulda known some of the bands/songs. i knew about a total of 3 songs the whole time (one of which was a cover song). i knew the song "someday" by thirsty merk (or something like that only 'cause its on a commercial for a tv show) and a song by the living end (which i think was called "society" but i'm not sure on that one). either way it was fun.

also helped a friend (morgan) clean out their garage (well kinda, there's still heaps of stuff in it, but it's better organized). his dad broke his back last week, while at working playing paintball or some sort of training exercise (his dad works for the army, military or something like that). his dad's doing pretty good, he's able to walk, but just not allowed to bend or anything like that. i think his dad is going to be able to get out of the hospital in about a month or so. i think i might try to get some people together and make them dinner or something. oh well.

not much sure of what else has been going on. gonna meet up with some people around 6 and its about 5:30 now (oh yeah i'm now 18 hrs ahead of denver/rapid city). anyways, laters

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