Wednesday, October 12, 2005

research = boring

wow i just realized how much my last entry was like i did this, then i did this, then this. sorry about that. oh well

so not much new going on. i heard it snowed heaps in colorado. that's one thing i'm really not looking forward to (going from like 80-90 degree weather to snow). although it might not be that bad as sometimes its not too cold when there's snow.

its nice how procrastination pays off every now and then (well kinda). all the groups in one of my classes haven't really started their projects so the due date might be extended. i'm hoping it's gonna be, but don't want to really count on it. i'm just hoping that after my next group meeting we can move off the research phase of it, as i think i'm running low on webpages that actually have useful info. also i'm getting really bored of just reading stuff, i want to start typing up the report or start the powerpoint. actually i'm not sure we're going to use a powerpoint 'cause from the consensus in class a couple weeks ago, nobody really likes it. i was kinda stunned as you at Tech know, they've kinda drilled how important/useful a powerpoint presentation is. i'm thinking though that the people didn't know how to really make them as they were saying stuff about how people always put too much stuff on the different slides. to me that meant that they needed to take a class like tech comm.

my hands/arms smell like chlorine. just so you know that's not completely random, i was itching my nose and i was reminded of one of the draw backs of going swimming (you smell like chlorine for the rest of the day if not longer). oh well.

i like that phrase a lot "oh well" or i tend to use it heaps. another word i use heaps but didn't realize it until a couple weeks ago is "granted". whenever i'm trying to decide something that's kinda difficult i always end up using granted.

well my stomach's starting to grumble which means its time to go eat something, only to eat again in several hours. might have another post later today still as i'm gonna be heading back to a computer lab to do more research (arrrgggghhh). laters

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