Thursday, October 20, 2005

yellow dots

there are yellow dots everywhere (kinda) in the computer lab i'm in right now and no i'm not hallucinating. they are yellow sticker dots which are on all of the computers (monitor and tower). i'm assuming that the dots mean that the object is in working condition as this lab was "under maintenance" for the last week or 2.

well things can be summed up in one way SSDD (same stuff different day). although i am heading to melbourne tomorrow morning so that's actually something different. it was kinda a last minute decision as in deciding last night to go (a friend was going and said i could go with him).

and now my computer lab is about to start so i should probably pay attention or whatnot (although i still think that the person that runs it doesn't have a clue of what he's doing as he's just the tutor or whatnot and not the lecturer). laters

k i just realized i repeated myself from my last entry about heading to melbourne but i'm to lazy to erase it, but oddly enough i'm typing saying that i know i repeated myself, go figure.

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