Sunday, October 16, 2005


must. . . stay. . . . awake. . . . and . . . focused

ok so it is only like 8:45pm here, but still i've been sitting at this computer since like 6:30 and am having a hard time staying focused on my project. it would be so much easier if i could just print out everything i've found, but it's 15 cents a page and i have like 30 pages or more of research (after changing all the fonts to 9 or 10). plus i'm kinda cheap when it comes to that regard (i don't want to have to pay for something if i don't wanna, although i think i'm not the only one like that).

just in case any of you are wondering what i've been doing for my project on alternative fuel for automobiles, so far i've just been finding and reading all i can on biodiesel fuel (already did all i could with solar power) and trying to sum things up so it's easy to read when the report needs to be typed. i wonder if the other 2 people in my group are as bored as i am. i'd give up on working on the project for tonight, but we're having i group meeting tomorrow and i want to make sure that i have all my stuff done for it, as i don't wanna appear to be a slacker (even though i kinda am :o), well sorta).

so back to reading and summarizing, well maybe not until 9:15. laters

oh yeah, 5 weeks left

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