Monday, October 10, 2005

Rez Ball and Recovery Day

so Saturday was heaps of fun. i was a tourist at the beginning of the day (i went with another exchange student to the parliament house (the new and old one) and a couple other places). but that really wasn't the fun part. the fun part was the Res Ball that started around 6 (kinda). Buses picked everyone up from campus at 6 to take us to the hotel that the formal dinner/dance was at. the dinner didn't really start until about 7/7:30. it was good, the meal was either steak or chicken. the chicken was better as it had a better sauce (i had the steak, but finished a friends chicken). for the dinner it was alternate served (the people to the left and right of you had the opposite of what you had). the dessert was also really good, i had the sticky date pudding (which is actually a cake not pudding). didn't do all that much dancing, mostly just socializing with people i hadn't seen in a while. then around 11:30 there were buses that headed into civic (city center) or back to campus. i went into civic until about 2:30.

sunday was heaps of fun, although it woulda been better if the weather woulda cooperated instead of being sunny for like 5 minutes, rainy/cloudy for 5 min, then sunny again, etc. at Recovery Day there was live music and free drinks all day (it started at 10:30) and pizza showed up at 12 and 3. although if you weren't quick w/ the pizza you missed out as it disappeared in like 5 minutes (just like the weather changed). oh yeah!!!!! there was also a jumping castle. i don't think a person ever really outgrows a jumping castle, well maybe they do after they graduate from uni but i'm in no hurry to test that theory (sorry mom and dad :o). well its about 11pm and i've probably taken too long of a study break now, so back to hw/researching for my group projects. laters

oh yeah, sorry for adding the word verification in order leave a comment, just want to keep from getting spam comments, although i haven't gotten one in a while. laters

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