Thursday, October 06, 2005

bad sign for test???

a little bored and thought i'd take a bit of a study break. is it a bad sign for a test (difficulty wise) when you are allowed to use the book and a page of notes? i'm kinda thinking it is. although the lecturer also said that non of the problems on the test would be like the examples in the book or like the problems we've done in the tutorials (aka recitations for you tech people). unless i mis-heard him but i'm pretty sure i didn't. oh well i'm hoping/pretty sure i'll do fine in it.

the weather being nice makes it pretty hard to study. tried studying a bit earlier today, but i think my first mistake was that i tried studying outside, although i think one of my arms (the one facing the sun more than the other one) is gonna have a nice tan/burn line for a while. i suppose its a good thing that i've already planned to do most of my studying tonight though, as during the days it's just too hard to.

well back to trying to study. actually i'll probably try to find something to eat before i have a to go to my statistics/probability lab later today. laters

oh yeah, the 2 little bumps from whatever bit me are going away :)

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