Wednesday, October 26, 2005

guess what

well guess what....i'm taking another break from typing my report/project. don't you just hate it when you type something but then realize that you didn't need to type it after all, especially when you spend about an hour typing it? well that's what i did earlier today. i thought i was suppose to type the intro for the report, but nope i wasn't. oh well. im' just suppose to type the discussion and conclusion. which to me is about the same thing. i know it really isn't but in the conclusion it's gonna be just the same points as what was made in the discussion part. oh well.

gonna be so glad when tomorrow is over, or at least after i turn in all of my assignments. i'm stinks that i'm too busy to do the stonefest events, but then again the events/activities are just all drinking. like tomorrow is called "case a day" each person is "suppose" to drink a case (not a 6 pack or whatnot, but a case) during the day. i'm really sure i'm not gonna do that. 1-i have a presentation tomorrow 2-i still will be working on the project preparing for the presentation, not to mention finishing up my assignments and 3-i really don't want to be drunk all day (don't really see too much of a point to it). oh well.

saw the movie In the Blue (i think that was the name of it) last night. it has jessica alba and paul walker in it and its about treasure and drugs or whatnot. it was pretty good. not worth full price to see it (although i don't think any movies are ever worth paying full price to see). oh yeah over the weekend i also saw the movie Down With Love. that was a pretty funny movie. was kinda iffy on watching it but it was hilarious. favorite line in it would probably when one of the guys was trying get his friend to go on an interview and he said "i only have to offer women what you have to offer, you" typing it really doesn't make it sound as funny but when watching it it was just hilarious.

back to homework for a while until i take another break before heading to class.

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