Sunday, June 12, 2005

lovely colors

my foot is now turning lovely colors of blue, purple, and in some small areas greenish. it doesn't hurt as much anymore, but i still have a little bit of a limp when i walk. also i still can't really pivot on it, can only bend the ankle back and forth with little/no pain. i'm just glad that it hasn't even been a week and it is already quite a bit better, still swollen though.

played charades last night. it was pretty entertaining. one of the funniest one's i though was a person had to act out a place (we were using the pictionary cards) which was America, so they pointed at me. the first time i had to act something out my team didn't get. i had to act out a stone. first of all i had no clue how to even start, 'cause how do you try to act out a stone? another funny one was a person on a different team had to act out a bald eagle, but she didn't know what it really was. i just thought it was hilarious 'cause that's one of the animals that all americans learn growing up.

and i'm tired of sitting at a computer right now, plus i have some studying to do. laters

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Um, ew?

(Now I've got this wonderful picture of you with your multi-colored foot trying to be a stone ... Actually, that's a pretty funny picture ... hehehehe)