Monday, June 20, 2005

last final exam

so i have my last final for this semester in about 4 hours. i don't think its going to be all that hard. its for my Truth, belief, and science class. for the exam we have to analyse an urban legend (saying what parts make it an urban legend), decide if several arguments are valid or not and explain, and then have paragraph answers on a reading. i think the fact that we are allowed a page of notes and they gave us the reading already is why i'm not all that worried for it.

other than that, nothing much is happening. been rainy/cloudy the last couple of days. oh yeah there was going to be a surprise going away party for john (he's from colorado as well) tonight, but that's 'cause everyone thought his last exam was also today. however his last exam is tomorrow, so it got postponed until tomorrow night, so he'd be able to study and get a good nights sleep for the exam. although tues nights are usually going to the movies (as it's 1/2 price on tues nights), oh well.

well i think i'm gonna go over my notes once more (actually i have time to go over them at least 3 times) just so i won't have to use the cheat sheet all that much.

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