Thursday, March 10, 2005

annoying birds

so there are various birds here that i'm starting to get use to (they were very and i mean very annoying when i first got here, especially in the mornings). the sounds they make sound a little like people saying "ah, ah, oohhh" in the mornings it just seemed to be really loud, but i haven't really heard it the last couple weeks. i must have learned to tune them out in the mornings. also the same birds, i really haven't seen them fly all that much. when you walk towards them, they just run/hop away. actually a lot of the birds on campus seem to do that. on a different note, but still kinda the same topic, the kangaroos just tend to ignore people. i was walking back to my room one night, and there were a couple next to the path (and i mean right next to the path). not too sure if they would hop away or not, i had decided to walk off the path and go around them. oh yeah i finally have a picture of a roo that i took from the window in my room. it was at night, so it was pretty hard to get a picture that actually somewhat turned out. the first couple of pictures the camera focused on the screen, but i eventually figured out if i turned the flash off and had the window shut i was able to get a picture.

tomorrow i'm going to be heading to Thredbo, so i probably won't be at a computer again until about monday. its a good thing that there's a trip this weekend, 'cause heaps of people seem to going home (mostly to sydney), eventhough i think next weekend (or maybe the following one) its a 3 day weekend. it would be fun to go to sydney though, since the only part i've seen is the inside of the airport.

like always, nothing else is really going on. i'm starting to run low on food though, so i eventually need to go grocery shopping. probably after the thredbo trip. anyways, see yas

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