Monday, March 28, 2005

Australian National Botanic Garden

went to the australian national botanic garden today. really wasn't a planned outting or anything. actually i had just got back to my room after taking a shower and my phone rang. it was another international student (lisa) who actually had meant to call someone else, but since she had called me by mistake she asked if i wanted to go to the botanic garden. since i didn't have anything else to do today i said sure. it was pretty fun going. packed a lunch (actually my lunch was probably enough for 3 people, but that's only 'cause i get hungry every couple hours). i think the garden would have been better if it was spring because there weren't very many flowers. on the other hand though, even if it was spring there still may not have been very many flowers. either way it was nice to just walk around. i added an album for the trip ( ).

after the garden, we went into civic (down town). it actually the first day that i was in civic in the day time. i think i'll probably head there sometime this week again to walk around (during the day) to see what all is there since everything was starting to close when we got there. i did see a target store, but someone said its heaps different than the targets in the states.

the easter dinner yesterday got postponed until a later date, maybe this coming up weekend. i made the potato casserole anyways, since a few of us still decided to eat together. it turned out ok considering i used a potato & spinach soup instead of cream of potato soup (since i couldn't find it) and i had to use a different kind of potato (since i couldn't find the kind i needed). other than that, not too much is going on. the semester seems to be going pretty quick because its hard to believe that in 2 weeks its semester break (which is 1/2 way thru the semester). maybe i can convince some specific people to let me stay for a second semester (what do ya think?).

anyways, gonna type some emails. laters

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