Tuesday, March 01, 2005

touch footy

touch footy was heaps of fun yesterday, plus there was free food and drinks. for drinks i was assuming it would just be water and pop (they call it soft drinks), but no, the drinks ranged from pop to red bull to VB (victoria bitter, one of their beers). i just had a red bull. anyways back to touch, i actually scored. to score you have to get to the "endzone line" (i forget the actual term) and put the ball down. the game is really fast paced, and i think i like it a little more than soccer right now (could be 'cause its new). hopefully i'll have learned all the rules by the time i leave so i can attempt to teach everyone.

gonna go grocery shopping later today to get ingredients to attempt to cook for some aussie's. not sure how well its going to work out. still not completely sure on what i'm going to be cooking for them. might be meatloaf, or maybe just bbq sandwiches. who knows. or maybe i'll make the chicken pot pie that i made before for some of you.

oh yeah, since i haven't figured out how to link my photo album to my blog here's the addy again http://photos.yahoo.com/sdbrak18

not much else is going on. watched fear and loathing in las vegas (or something like that) last night. it has johnny depp in it and it was kind of a weird movie. it was based in 1970 or sometime close to that. it was funny, but also some parts seemed to just drag on and on. missing all of my movies, oh well.

just thought of something else. today the cleaning lady came and vacuumed (pretty sure that's not spelled right) everyone's room. she comes every 2 weeks. which is nice 'cause that means i don't have to do it. i just gotta make sure the floor is picked up so she can vacuum (which means everything get's thrown in my closet, on my bed, or on the table. they're also pretty stricked about the kitchen area being clean. if you leave dirty dishes out (someone also said clean ones) they will take them and then you have to go claim them or something like that. its just nice 'cause it makes the kitchen stay clean. not like i've done any actual cooking yet, but still.

well i think i might type some emails to some people, cheers


Anonymous said...

hey man, that movie is about hunter s. thompson who actually lived in colorado until a week ago when he killed himself. just thought you should know. also, dad needs insurance info like your school and school id and your credits, that fun stuff, let me know if you are getting my text messages.

dylan said...

by the way, that was me who wrote that post

dylan said...

by the way, that was me who wrote that post

Ashley said...

A clean kitchen? No way! I suppose that means no one has ever burned through the bottom of a double boiler ...