Monday, February 28, 2005


so last night i went to a festival thingy called tropfest. it was put on by sony (at least i think that's who sponsored it). it was a short film festival that started around 7pm. some of the films were really funny and there were a couple of serious ones. one that was kinda morbid was called Lucky. its starts out with this guy tied up in the trunk of a car. he gets himself untied and out of the trunk to find that the car is speeding down a road with no one driving. he somehow manages to get into the drivers seat and gets the car to stop. however a few seconds later the car blows up. like i said this film was a little morbid. another one of the films i thought was really funny (i forget the name of it) involved an animated mouse/rat that was trying to get back an umbrella (all the films had to have an umbrella in them somehow) that a guy took from him. the umbrella was pretty much the mouse's house. film ends with the mouse living inside the guys house and the guy is stuck outside with the umbrella and it starts to rain.

volleyball yesterday was fun, not as many people as last week though. its also going to end up costing more money than i had thought (only $90 more) which is for the recreational league. it would be more to play in any of the other leagues. i'm also happy because my legs are not nearly (if at all) as sore as they were last week after vball (i didn't really stretch this week either which is why i'm happy my legs aren't sore). i figure my legs/muscles were sore last week because i hadn't used them to play vball in a while.

oh yeah i just remembered one of the things i had meant to type about in previous posts. shoes. yup thats the topic. in australia it is acceptable to walk around bare foot if you want to. this includes in the mall, classes, etc. gotta go real fast. cheers


Ashley said...

Barefoot, eh? Awesome. How does that work for a guy that owns more shoes than most girls I know?

daz said...

i only brought 5 different pairs (regular, running, black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, cleats, and flip flops (called thongs here)). ok so that's 6 diff kind. i haven't ventured w/ something on my feet. its mostly been thongs. well got touch footy soon (touch rugby). laters