Wednesday, February 23, 2005

buffy club and classes

k so i did find the buffy club (its angel too), the club itself is called slayers society (not exactly what i would call it, but i didn't make the club). basically they just watch buffy and angel. didn't really say how often they watch it though and who knows if i'm actually going to have time to watch it. i just wanna watch buffy every now and then anyways. they also said they have trivia nights and a dance thing, definately know i'm not going to go to the dance thing. might go to the trivia, but highly doubt it.

wednesday are going to be really boring and long when labs and tutorials (recitation basically). i'll be going from 8:30-12:30 and then 2:30-5:30 and it's all for the same class (3hrs of lab, 3hrs of lecture, and 1hr of tutorial). right now i'm bored out of my mind 'cause the stuff we're going over is a review for me (not sure if it is for the others or not). we're going over line, surface, and volume integrals right now. for the first couple weeks i think its going to be the same as electric and magnetic fields (i think that was the class name) at tech, but then get into whatever class follows e&m fields. the prof that i have for it is kinda entertaining. for the hr lecture yesterday (meaning i have a total of 4hrs of lecture for the class) he was talking about stuff we could and couldn't see and things that we can touch. he said something about not being able to see electricity but we could touch it if we wanted to die (it was really funny especially 'cause he's not australian, or if he is, he's the only prof i've had so far that is kinda hard to understand). he says theta as teta and phi as pi (which makes me wonder how he says pi). oh yeah and z is zed or something like that (and thats how the australians say it too).

well really can't think of anything else to type right now, so laters

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