Friday, February 25, 2005

few more pics

hey just put 5 more pics in my photo album. there's one of the spider that was in my room, then there are 3 of my room (i was trying to get enough pics so you could see how big/small the room is), and one of the block in university village i live in (i don't think you can see the building i actually live in in the photo).

i just remembered something i was going to type about which i had forgotten about until a few seconds ago. the topic is money and such. there are no single cent coins here (ie no pennies). everything gets rounded to 5 cents or 10. for example if your total amount comes to $17.96, you just pay 17.95 or if what you want to buy is 19.99, you pay 20. its nice not having a pocket filled with one cent coins. although i'm still getting use to having coins that are actually worth something (they have $1 and $2 coins). the 2 dollar coin is actually smaller than the 1 dollar coin which i thought was a little different. their 50 cent coin though is bigger than all the coins, but then again the US dime is smaller than the other coins too, so i guess its not all the strange. well i have class soon, and just wanted to let everyone know there's a few more pictures



Ashley said...

That's a, um, pretty good-sized spider ... Cool. And ha! Pink curtains!

(hee hee hee)

Ashley said...

(dazza... an improvement over fluffy, i have to say)