Wednesday, February 23, 2005

laundry day

ok so this is not the first time i've done laundry while i've been here, but its the first time i actually really (and i mean really) needed to. i was starting to run out of clothes (i coulda gone for another couple weeks with all the clothes back home though). i think i need to go buy more shorts or something, get some aussie style clothes, which really isn't all that different (and yes i know this sentence is not gramatically correct). the only diff i've noticed so far is that there are guy capris (or just really long shorts).

today is another market day for the clubs to have a booth set up in the concourse (the center of campus). i really want to see if there's a buffy club. not sure if i'd join it or not, but if there is one i want to know what they do. tv shows that made me think of how they're behind in the OC episodes (have i talked about this already?). i was thinking it would be fun to go to the tv room that a bunch of girls go to to watch the episodes and sit in the back and say stuff like "hey this is when blah blah blah happens" how many people do you think would get pissed off at me? actually there's several people that have the episodes that haven't even been aired yet in australia on their computers (thanks to all the people in the states or whatnot that record it on their comp and put it online, like spork). did i even give spork my blog addy, i forget.

anyways, i think i should go check on my laundry or see if there are any more clubs out in the concourse. cheers

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