Sunday, February 27, 2005

Horse races

so yesterday i went to a race horse thingy. it was pretty fun. the majority of the people dress up (guys in suits, girls in dresses). this meant that i had to find a suit to wear. where else to find a suit but the salvations army (called salvos here). i got a suit and tie for $15 dollars. i got pics of the people i went with (and me) that i'll have to add sometime. i didn't bet any money, but a couple of the people i was with bet (one lost $20 and the other won $6). it was a pretty fun day. and then after races while we were all still dressed up, dan (aussie friend) made chicken schnitzle (not sure if thats spelled right) with broccoli, carrots, and mashed potatos. then we went to mcdonalds for mcflurry's (this is still while we're all dressed up).

there's a group of us that are going to take turns making dinner, which will be nice 'cause i don't tend to eat all that well when its only me i have to feed. plus this way i'll actually be eating good. i think when it's my turn to cook, i'm going to make meat loaf (a couple of aussie friends said i needed to make it). its going to be interesting though 'cause i've never made it before and my mom didn't have an actual recipe. oh well, the worst that can happen is that i make it and then never make it again. i'm not sure of any other "american" type dishes i can make that they don't already have here. so if you know of anything that you think i can make (this limits things a lot) leave a comment or send me an email.

hmmm....what else is there? on the weekend of the 11th i'm going to be going to the tallest "mountain" (or one of the tallest) in australia. its around 2,000 feet or something like that. i suppose from sea level it makes it look a lot bigger. the trip is going to be with the other international students, which is always fun.

not sure what my plans are for the rest of the day, except for i have volleyball from 1-4 and then i need to call barb to wish her a happy b-day (although for me her bday was yesterday). other than that i really don't know. i hope tonight isn't the night i'm suppose to cook. if so i need to get to the store to buy the ingredients 'cause i basically have nothing except for bread, peanut butter, jelly, mayo, butter, couple slices of sandwich meat, and several packages of roman noodles. well its about 1 here, so i better head to volleyball. cheers

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