Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Finally another entry

sorry to everyone for not getting an entry typed sooner, but i've been pretty busy (and when i'm not the labs don't seem to be open, mostly because classes haven't started yet). i guess i'll start off with what i did this weekend. i went on a trip with other international students (mostly american or canadian) to a beach (7 mile beach or something like that). the city we were in was called gerroa. anyways on monday we had surfing lessons if we wanted to and of course i tried to surf (notice the tried). i wasn't able to stand on the board for more than a couple of seconds before falling. i've decided though that i can't come back to the states without learning to surf (for more than a couple seconds). i think i wanna live near the ocean it was just awesome (my feet and back of my legs got kinda burnt though). also the international orientation people set it up so a footy team (one of the kinds of rugby, there's 3 don't ask me what the diff is though)would teach us how to play touch footy on the beach. this was also really awesome.

after surfing, laying on the beach, playing touch footy, we had a bbq. i wonder if i'm going to get tired of all the free bbq's (i doubt it although they all have the same food, sausages). there was a free one last night and i think there's another one today too. anyways back to the one from the weekend. it was a girls 21st b-day so there was cake (actually it was more like a big brownie, that's how thick/rich it was). a couple pieces of it ended up on the orientation leaders faces, shirt, in their hair, etc. it was pretty funny. oh yeah and then we partied back at the hostel we were at. i have some pictures (not any of me "surfing" but some of the beach and such, i'll try to figure out how to get those online).

since this is Oweek now (orientation week) i think there's going to be more partying since everyone is coming back (and i thought last week was heaps (aussie for a lot) of partying. there's lots of things going on today. right now there's market day, which it looks like a garage sale type thing, but also the different clubs are suppose to have the own little table and such. guess what i also found out. someone said that there was a buffy club, how funny is that? i'm not really sure if they just sit and watch episodes or what, but i think i'm definately going to check it out. i missed the oc last night, but they haven't even started the new season yet so i haven't really missed anything. hmmm.....what else to talk about. can't really think of anything else right now, i know there was a whole bunch of things i wanted to type, but i didn't write it down so i don't remember. actually i think i'm going to try to figure out the picture stuff. hope everyone is doing good and email me if you want (might take a while to respond)

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Ashley said...

Hey, it's tomorrow there ... Anyway ... SO JEALOUS. Beaches? Surfing? Lotsa sun? Sheesh. (Even though we're allegedly getting some kick butt snowboarding weather soon...) Not a whole lot going on here, so it's good to hear things are exciting elsewhere! Have a great week, Darren.