Tuesday, February 01, 2005

1 day

so i have one day left until i'm going to be on a plane for a little 20 hours (den to lax to syd to cns). cns is cairns for all you not in the airline business. i used to laugh at my mom when she would just use the 3 letter code or whatnot for the cities and now i'm doing it, imagine that.

anyways, today i spent some time do some last minute things (which i didn't complete, at least not all of them). i had to get a transcript sent to a company that i have a scholarship from to renew the scholarship (the postmark deadline was today, imagine that, i procrastinated/forgot). i got travelers checks. went and got miscellaneous other things for australia, but forgot to get another (a cheap) pair of sunglasses, 'cause i don't think i want to take the ones i have since they're kinda pricey (at least in my opinion).

some things i gotta make sure i do tomorrow is to clean out my car, which i could still do tonight, but nah, clean my room/basement, find any more pictures of friends/family that i want to take, finish making song playlists for my ipod (i've gotten to the bands that start w/ M), burn mp3 cds (since my ipod battery isn't going to last nearly as long as my flights), and decide what else i want to take in my carry on bag.

bags, that made me think of how hard it was to pack. i mean i have a hard time packing for like a 3 day trip let alone one that's going to last 5 months. although i get to take more stuff than i would for a 3 day trip, but trying to "travel light" makes it a little harder. a hint they gave was to pack so you could mix and match outfits, but when you're packing for 5 months its really hard to not pack stuff that you can mix and match. my method of traveling light is that after i packed my bags (until they really couldn't hold any more) i unpacked everything and went over what i really wanted to take and what really didn't matter. i actually ended up doing this like 3 times. i'm glad i still have some room in the bags though, 'cause i have a couple small loads of laundry to do. and the plus side to having space in my bags is that on the trip back i can bring back lots of stuff (hopefully not exceeding the weight limit).

well i really can't think of anything else to type right now, but i'm almost positive i'm going to be writing another entry sometime later tonight, since i've had a hard time sleeping the last couple nights 'cause my mind wouldn't shut up, and now its the night before i leave, so i think i'm pretty safe to say its gonna be non-stop thoughts of australia and what it'll be like, what scenarios am i going to be put in, etc. wow that's a long sentence, not sure if its grammatically correct though, but i'm not an english major or anything close to one. anyways, laters

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