Saturday, February 05, 2005


K this is going to be a quick little entry, 'cause going to be going to eat sushi shortly. anyways heres some fun stuff i've done so far (sorry to all you where its cold).

the flight over was pretty good and did you know that on international flights alcohol beverages are free and that you only have to be 18. i didn't that is until my flight. a lot of us were taking advantage of the freeness of it all. flew into sydney and then waited on the plan to head to cairns for about 45 minutes (it was taking a while for them to transfer all of the luggage from our previous flight to the new/next one). got thru customs fine, didn't get anything confiscated.

the rest of yesterday was pretty uneventful. just went to the hostile we're staying at for 3 or 4 days or however long i'm here in cairns. today we went to a zoo and i got to hold a baby/small koala and no it didn't poop on me (it did to a couple other people though). then after the zoo we went to an aboriginal park, which was also fun. learned to throw a boomerang (i actually got it to come back to me, i decided to duck though instead of trying to catch it) and attempted to throw spears (this didn't go nearly as well as the boomerang, but was equally entertaining).

tomorrow we head to the great barrier reef for a full day of snorkeling and whatnot. anyways think we're leaving now (i'm kinda scared of sushi, but thats ok). hope everyones doing well, laters

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