Wednesday, February 09, 2005

University life

hey everyone, sorry its been a couple of days, but i just got my student id number and such yesterday.

anyways i'm having a lot of fun so far (minus having to go and listen to people talk about the school and where things are, just like when we all were freshmen). lets see what should i type about? there's so many things in my mind that i'm sure i'm going to forget to type some of them.

i guess i'll start with the mall that's within walking distance from campus (like a 10-15 min walk). the mall has everything in it (like food, clothing, kmart, deli, everything) and it has 3 levels, all with stores and such. i don't think its as big as the mall of america, but it is still big. oooo and this is the best part about the mall. you would think that since you walk there that you really can't buy all the much, but you can and you don't have to worry about carrying it back either. you can just take the shopping cart back to campus and then sometime during the week someone on campus or something goes around and collects all the carts to take them back. i thought this was completely awesome. it's entertaining (at least for me) that i have to walk up a hill to get to my ressie (dorm room), its kinda like walking up to connolly from surbeck for all you that know the SDSM&T campus, but anyways back to shopping carts. it was fun trying to push this almost full shopping cart up this hill just so i could unload it.

last night was a blast. and that's all i'm gonna say about that. actually classes haven't started yet, so it really doesn't matter what i do at night. so last night there was a punch party (a party were they serve punch, not very strong punch at least i didn't think so) which started at 7pm. it had started off kinda slow (ie me not really knowing anyone there). well i guess i knew some other exchange students, but i don't want to just always hang around them. anyways back to the party. when you entered you got a name tag (not your own name) and you were suppose to find the person that had a name tag that went along with what you got. the name i had was paul. it turned out that i was supposed to find someone with the name izzy. paul and izzy are the names of a couple people on an aussie tv show called neighbors (or something like that). it really didn't matter if you found your person or not though. guess what other names i saw. i saw the names from the OC. so it turns out they have it here too. the show is on tuesday nights. i found this out 'cause i was talking to this girl (don't remember her name) and she said her friends all ditched her for an hour so they could go watch OC.

well there's still more stuff i wanna type, but i have to go and sign up for the classes that i had gotten pre-approved. i'll try to write more later today, but i'm not sure (i think there's another party tonight too, and right now its just the new students that are on campus, so i'm kinda scared of what the parties are going to be like when everyone is here). anyways, talk to you later.

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Ashley said...

Ah, the jealousy continues. Here I am, stuck in slushy RC, and you're out where it hits over 90 degrees. Sheesh. Anyway, have a good week!