Friday, February 18, 2005


i'm a little paranoid right now. as i was walking to the comp lab, i felt something on my neck. turns out it was a bug of some kind (really didn't pay too much attention before it got smashed). coulda been a spider or coulda just been some harmless insect. either way its dead now.

anyways, i'm amazed that this is like the 3rd day in a row (i think its been 3, the days are all running together) that i've been at a computer. ooooo, and one of the girls that lives in the same ressie (dorm) as me has an old laptop comp at home that she said i could use. this means i'll have a comp in my room and will be able to IM (instant message) people. i was so excited when she said that, especially 'cause i was going to go to the cashier's office or whatnot to get rid of the internet in my room (to get $60 back).

hmmm....what else is there. i've been living off of the free bbq's for the past week. it's a good thing i like the sausages they have 'cause all the bbqs are the same. tonight though there's free pasta somewhere. and then on sunday the v-ball club has a free bbq and games. next week is going to be weird when i actually have to start cooking for myself. gonna have to borrow pots and pans from other people though. oooo, that just made me remember that another person in the ressie i'm in had califlower (is that spelled right?) cooked in some sort of spicy sauce. it was really good.

yesterday was a lot of fun. went and got coffee with a couple of aussie's (belinda and dan), and then walked around the mall trying to find a b-day present for a girl that lives on belinda's floor. i don't know how long we spent in toys r us, but it was quite a while. belinda ended up getting a magic 8 ball (she wasn't sure if she was going to but then she asked it if she should and it said yes definately). oh yeah and getting there was really fun too, mostly because it was the first time i was in a car (not a bus) riding on the left side of the street. it was even weirder 'cause i was sitting shotgun so i felt like i should have the steering wheel in front of me.

continuing on, last night it was trivia night at the uc bar (it was comedy night wed night). my team ended up coming in 5th place or something like that. it was fun, especially when they said the topic of one of the rounds. the topic was the OC. me and another guy (forgot his name, but i think it starts with an R) on my team knew all the answers (as did all the other teams 'cause i think every team got all the answers right). also aussies have this one game where there are several gifts wrapped together in different layers. like you wrap one of the items, then put the next item next to it and wrap both of them together, etc. anyways, then they play music and you pass the package around and when the music stops the person holding it onwraps one of the layers and gets that gift.

after the trivia went to a club for a while. dancing is really tiring (i'm surprised i was "dancing"). after the club went to a place called checkers (fast food place). i got a grog bog (i think that's how you spell it, its not actually on the menu), a grog bog is a sandwich thing. you have the bun/roll and then you fill it with fries and bacon and cover it with cheese (i think there was also bbq sauce in it). it was really good, so unhealthy but really good. also split a "bucket of death" (i think thats what it was called, i know it envolved death) with a couple people. the bucket of death is just fries covered in gravy.

ok, needless to say yesterday was heaps of fun, i'm still tired so i think i'm gonna go take a nap before the free pasta and karaoke tonight at the uc bar (i don't plan on singing, but i'm pretty sure i'll end up singing). i'm going to be so glad when classes start and i can get into a routine. cheers (aussie way of saying laters).

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