Tuesday, February 22, 2005

kangaroos out my window

so this was actually something i meant to type in my other post but forgot to. yesterday there were a couple of 'roos sitting outside my window. i was going to take a pic, but my camera was in someone elses room (building for that fact). i tend to spend a lot of time in the ressies that aren't my own, but everyone i really met last week is a new student and there's only me and one other new student in the building i'm in.

went shopping this morning too (9am). i think that's the earliest i've ever gone grocery shopping, but i needed food since all the free bbq's are over. actually there's a free one next monday for the people that want to join the touch footy team (touch rugby, really fast paced and really tiring). oh yeah that made me remember that i played vball for 3 hrs on sunday and my legs are really sore now (it hurts to walk up or down stairs). i need to remember to stretch next time.

other things going on hmmm.....i've been trying to think of things i want to do while i'm here. so far i've come up with i want to go sailing for several days around whitsunday/frazer islands (they're near the great barrier reef i think), go to fiji, and take a multiple day surfing lesson. actually most the stuff i want to do is just to go hang out at a beach to swim, play sand vball, etc.

well i think i'm gonna email some people now, feel free to leave a comment.



Ashley said...

Wow. The choices. And here I am in SoDak, wishing for -- I don't know. Nice weather, snow, something NOT gray and poopy (to quote Ashli).

Well, it's good to hear you're still having an awesome time. Have you started classes yet?

(Heh heh heh ... Darren the pimp.)

Ashley said...

Scratch the class question. I'm an idiot, hadn't read down far enough yet. Have a good week!