Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Misc. stuff

so today is the 2nd day of classes for me. actually i have class in about 1/2 an hour so this is going to be pretty short.

shoot, i forget what i was going to type about. hmm....ok i guess i'll start off with the only class i had yesterday. its called graphic design technology. in it we learn how to use adobe photoshop, so i'm hoping it won't be too hard of a class. the only hard part i can think of right now is that we are going to be using apple computers. granted they probably are better for adobe photoshop, but i still don't like using them. the ones UC has in its labs are really new though, at least they look like it. there is no tower or anything. everything plugs into the screen section (including using cd's. also a part that isn't going to be very fun is that we're suppose to have use a digital camera that has at least 4.0 megapixels and the one i have is only 3.1 i talked to the prof though and he said that mine should be fine for the first couple of assignments, and then i'll just have to borrow one from someone or the school (they have a few to lend out).

you know how i mentioned that we're allowed to bring the trolleys (shopping carts) back to campus, well there are now 3 of them in a tree (top that andy). and no i wasn't one of the people that put them up there.

things are actually slowing down now that classes have begun. although tomorrow night my ressie is doing a thing called "foster a freshie" and its where a freshmen/new student gets paired w/ a returning student or whatnot. anyways i forget exactly what we're going to do except i know we are going to be playing lazer tag for some of it (i'll have to see if they have signs that say no running, and if they do try not to run into any walls like i have before, right ashley?)

one thing here that everyone is talking/complaining about right now is that everyone is suppose to take all their electrical devices to have them checked out for fire safety or something like that. meaning that they have to take their computers, tvs, stereos, etc to make sure they run correctly. for once i'm glad i don't have any of those things. i just have my phone charger, iPod charger, cd player ac adapter, and camera charger. i don't think i'm gonna take them down to get checked out. they had left a message that things that haven't been checked can be confiscated (did i spell that right?), but they can't just go into our rooms without reason (this is also true in australia). and i figure that i can fit everything into a drawer when i'm not using it.

anyways i think i want to go find were my next class is at, i know the building, but not the classroom. cheers

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