Sunday, February 06, 2005

great barrier reef

k, so this is probably going to be short again (only have 10 minutes left on the internet card thing i have).

so last night i ended up not eating sushi, but i think i will sometime this trip. went to a bar place where we had to get up to order the food (we could order the drinks at the table though) and then they gave us the buzzer thingies that you get when you are on a wait list or whatnot at chili's or similar place. then they would buzz when the food was done and you'd go pick it up. a drink that seems kinda popular (at least to me) is vodka and red bull. i had never mixed the 2 together before (had them mixed with other things but not each other).

anyways, today we went to the great barrier reef. it was awesome. i took an intro to scuba diving thing which lasted 1/2 an hour. got lots of pictures, wish i would seen a shark or a sea turtle though. oh well maybe next time. when snorkeling or diving they advised that we should wear stinger suits (to protect against possible jellyfish). only saw one while in the water, which i think the deadly ones are ones that you really can't see. anyways, it was a blast, think i got a sunburn (it was like 100 yesterday and was probably at least 90 today). tonight we're all going to party, one of the leaders is going to go with us. tomorrow is a pretty boring day, lots of listening and then we fly to the city which we're going to be living for the next 5 months.

well my time is about to run out, but hopefully in a couple days i'll have time to get to a comp lab that i don't have to pay for it. so talk to everyone sometime (either by phone or email). laters

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Ashley said...

Holy jealous. Wow. (And just wait till Ashli hears that you got to hold a koala!) Sounds pretty awesome so far. Have a great week!