Thursday, February 24, 2005

Spiders are going to die

so this morning when i was getting ready to go to class (or uni as they say here) i saw a spider. i was glad that it had actually crawled into a plastic sack 'cause this made it easier to kill and throw away. anyways the spider was huge (ok not the biggest ones that they have here, most aussie's would probably call it small, but it was big enough in my book). i took a picture of it before i killed it so eventually i'll add it to my yahoo photo album.

also i've taken some pictures of my room which i'll also be adding. still need to get a pic of the building i'm in though. speaking of the building i'm in, i think i'm the only "new" student in there now, the other one moved out or something. oh well, i usually hang out at a different one anyways.

classes are going good so far, really haven't had anything assigned yet though. my graphic design technology class sounds like its going to be a lot of fun. today we learned more about what digital camera's can do. next week we're going to start taking pictures for our assignments. i need to go get a bigger memory card thing, but the teacher was able to get us a deal at one of the camera stores. for $90 or so we can get a 256 megabyte compact flash memory card and a multicard reader/transferer (for all you non-technical people it something that you stick the memory card in to transfer the pics to the computer).

different note. UC has a different internet server/system for the ressies than it does for the other buildings. the system and such for the other buildings like what i'm using now has the best virus protection and such, but the ressie one doesn't. i only brought this up because the internet in the ressies hasn't been working almost all week and they say its do to a virus someone made or had on their comp. i think the girl in my building is still going to let me use her old computer, but i really haven't asked since she had first mentioned it. should probably mention/ask about it later today 'cause i think this is the weekend she was going home and was going to get it.

oh yeah, last night was lots of fun. i participated in foster a fresher, where a returning student was paired up with a new student (being paired up really didn't matter though). anyways we went a played lazer tag and it was lots of fun and i didn't run into any walls. everyone got to play 3 different games. after the first game i was ranked 22 out of 25, but then in the following 2 games i was ranked 12th and then 13th out of 25. although each game i got shot a lot more times than i shot other people. after lazer tag we went to an ice cream shop, that's is somewhat similar to coldstone. you pick the basic ice cream and then what you want in it. although last night since there was so many of us we only had a choice of 4 different kinds. i ended up getting oreo, didn't feel too adventurist to try the wild berry one or some kind of crunch one (the other kind was m&m mini's).

talking of m&m's made me remember that there are no reese's peanut butter cups in australia. although they do have a lot of other good candy/chocolate. actually there's a cadbury factory somewhere in australia, i want to say its in melbourne, but i'm not sure. oh yeah and they have carmello's (chocolate w/ creamy carmel in the middle), but they're in the shape of little koalas. well i got class soon and there's some other things i need to do, laters

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Ashley said...

You didn't run into any walls? I'm so proud! And a little disappointed, since I didn't get to laugh at you (although I did chuckle at you killing a spider in a bag ... hehehehe). Nothing much new or different to say now (you'll just have to read my blog, whenever I get around to updating). Have a good week(end)!