Wednesday, February 02, 2005


so today is the day i leave, and i've been running around my house all day trying to make sure i have everything, and trying to fit things that i forgot into the bags that are already basically full. i think i finally have everything ready to go unless i remember something else. i seem to always work more efficiently at the last moment, which is what i always tend to do, plus it gives the heart a good ol workout too :)

right now what running thru my mind is that my bags aren't too heavy that i'll end up having to pay a fee or whatnot, but i don't think they are. i think my heaviest bag is around 40lbs. i'm not too sure with american airlines what their weight limit on checked bags are but with qantas its 70lbs (which is like 1/2 my weight). if i had the 2 bags that weighed the full 70lbs it would be like carrying myself around. just a weird thought that ran thru my mind.

well my mind is still racing and i feel like i should still be running around looking like a chicken with its head cut off. there are a couple more things i still need to do, like write down the phone numbers/addresses of friends and family. so if you want to make sure that i have the correct info send me an email ( also my stomach is telling me its time to eat one of my last "american" meals for 5 months.

the next time i write i'll be in oz (short term for australia). laterz

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Ashley said...

Hey dude -- I hope your flight went well, and I'm hoping Australia's awesome!