Thursday, March 31, 2005

thursday already

wow, the weeks seem to be going quicker, at least when there are things going on. its hard for me to believe that my semester in australia is almost 1/2 over with. there's still so many things i want to do while i'm here. oh well if i don't see it now, it'll just be something i can go see on another trip (or if somehow i move here after i graduate :)

tomorrow there's going to be a little get together for all of the international students. the international office people (claire and tina) are going to be giving awards out to people. i'm kinda scared 'cause the awards aren't exactly for doing well in something, its more of an award for something stupid you've done. oh well should be lots of fun, also since there's free food/snacks.

hmm....can't think of anything else and i have a couple of instant message conversations going on at the moment. laters

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Ashley said...

Hey, got your phone call (too bad I was in lab) ... Sounds like fun, but unfortunately I understood very little of what your friend was saying (lived in SoDak too long, accents throw me off). Ah, well, have a good weekend!