Saturday, March 05, 2005


well tonight there's a big fireworks display called skyfire or something like that. hmmmm.....once again not too much going on. last night went to the bar on campus and bought 3 drinks. with each drink i got a little scratch card thingy, and i won all 3 times (i was amazed). i was going to stop after 2, but i thought what the hey and got another one. i really didn't want to try a 4th time. i won a pair of sunglasses, and 2 sweatbands (all of the name of the drink on them which is canadian club). the drinks were bottle in australia but made from stuff from australia and canada.

sunday i have v-ball practise (wow i'm starting to spell things like they do here) and have to pay however much it is to be in the recreation league. then on monday night i have a touch footy game which should be heaps of fun.

anyways, that's about it, things have been quite calm since classes have begun. i'll definately have more to write about in about a week, since next weekend i'll be going to the tallest "mountain" (or one of the tallest) in australia.

oh i just thought of something. for my truth, belief, and science class we have to do a 20 minute speech and a 8-9 page paper on a topic. i picked to do mine on parapsychology, which deals with telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, etc. who woulda guessed i'd choose that as a topic?

another thing, my phone card ran out, so don't be expecting any phone calls until i get another one that's a good price (i tried using the one you gave me mom, but the 1800 number doesn't work here). i could use the mobile (cell phone, oh and they pronounce it mo bile, not mobile) but it'll cost more than a phone card would, but still cheaper than it would be to call someone in australia. so weird, but oh well.


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