Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Smith Charts

At first when i was learning about Smith Charts (if you're not a electrical engineer, or in a field close to a EE, than ignore this part 'cause it'll probably confuse you) I really hated them. however after about 3 hrs of lab, and and 4 hrs of lecture/tutorial they're actually quite handy little charts (if you know how to read them). on the chart you can tell what the VSWR, normalized impedance (or admittance), and a whole bunch of other things are. some of you who are still reading this and don't know what a smith chart is/does. it means you can find a whole bunch of different things but not really have to do any calculations for them, that is just how well the Smith guy made his chart.

hmmm....i had heaps of other things to talk about, but i can't think of them right now. in my multivariate calculus class one day, a kid said 'z' instead of 'zed' and the teacher said something like "so you're american now" and then somehow the topic got to roads with round abouts and then to 4-way stops in the states. the professor made it sound like 4-ways were really stupid and that they should just make round abouts, but that's 'cause he thought each car took turns on who got there first. i tried to explain that in a way he was right, but that you don't have to wait for the other 3 cars to go (if there's multiple cars at the stop, going in all diff directions), you go when the car going in the opposite direction goes (any aussies reading this will probably still be confused, 'cause well i did type it in a confusing way, but i'm not gonna change it).

i have a volleyball game tonight at 8:30, which reminds me i need to call and get a ride to it. not sure what i'm gonna do after the game, hopefully it'll be a good game though. oh yeah, still gotta figure out what i'm gonna do over the easter break, since i could go to sydney or head to melbourne with other americans/international students. could also be fun to see who all is staying on campus.

yesterday was one of my aussie friends (macca) 21st bday. i'm glad that 21st bdays are still big here, although i don't think i'm gonna have a party. i'm gonna kinda be celebrating my bday but not really because another one of my aussie friends (ringo) bday party which is the 16th of april although his bday is april 20th.

well like always after my wednesday lectures and such i'm starting to get hungry (actually i always get hungry around 5). laters

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