Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

first off, just gonna say Happy Easter to all of you who read this. today my aussie friends are going to show me what a typical aussie easter is like, at least thats what they said they were going to do. either way there's going to be a big meal. i think there's gonna be 10 of us or so eating dinner. actually i'm not quite sure what time exactly we're going to be eating. i should probably find that out. anyways, i'm gonna be making a potato casserole for it. i'm kinda scared at how its gonna turn out since i couldn't find any cream of potato soup or any hash browns, so i'm gonna be improvising. i'm gonna warn everyone first though, that its my first time making it and that i had to improvise.

last night had to set the clocks back an hour for day light savings. i've never been so confused with time changes before. mostly its trying to figure out the time in the states because its spring there so the clocks would get set an hour ahead, right? so does that mean that the time difference is now 16 hours since i went back an hour and you went ahead an hour? i guess i'll just have wait until i call someone and then ask what time it is there.

hope everyone has a happy easter and such. i'll let everyone know how the potato casserole turns out. laters


Josie said...

so what'd you find out about the time change?

daz said...

that it went from 18hrs difference to 16 hrs difference