Wednesday, March 09, 2005


hey everyone, hope everyone is doing good. there's still not much going on here. had a touch footy game monday night, which my team won (i didn't score any points this time). then after the game i pretty much ran back to the ressies to catch up with people that were going to the labor club for dinner (which does have good food and i got in this time). although they didn't even look at my passport this time, the lady last time must have just been on a power trip or something.

yesterday the one girl that lives in my building said i could take her computer, so i have one. it is old though (well kinda, it has windows 98 on it and has a pentium 2 processor). whenever i try to do a disk defrag it freezes up so it might take a little bit before i actually get it hooked up to the internet in my room.

have a v-ball game tonight, should be lots of fun. i'm glad i'm able to catch a ride with someone, or else the place is like a 30 minute walk from campus (and in what direction i don't know). hopefully i won't get the ball spiked in my face all the much :) anyways once again i have class pretty soon (i'm on my 1hr break right now). next week is going to be worse. i'm gonna start at 8:30 go to 12:30, and then go from 1:30 to 4:30 (all of which is for the same class). anyways, see yas

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