Monday, March 14, 2005


this weekend was heaps of fun. it woulda been nice to have had a longer time at thredbo, eventhough there really isn't all that much to do there. its a pretty small resort type place. friday when we got there we ate at a really good pizza place (i was actually able to order pepperoni pizza, although the place named it their americano pizza). the hike up on saturday took about 1.5 hours (seemed a lot longer though). the elevation of thredbo is 2,229 meters, which i forget what that is in feet. on the hike my shoulders got a bit burnt (actually more than just a bit, 'cause i didn't play vball yesterday since they hurt). today though my shoulders are feeling fine. i had put sunscreen on my ears, nose, face, but just not my shoulders. oh well. that's about it with the thredbo trip, except that in the hostel we stayed at i shared the room with 4 girls and i'm never going to do that again!!!! i think it scarred me for life (not really but it could have)

going to go grocery shopping today, to get all types of ingredients so i can actually cook something good. gonna get stuff so i can make chicken enchiladas, bbqs (sloppy joes), meatloaf, etc. hopefully i can find everything. the thing i think i'll have the hardest time finding is the onion soup mix for the meatloaf.

oh yeah i'm finally adding pictures to my photo album some of them didn't turn out all that well, so i might try to edit them sometime later. there's a new album for thredbo, the horse races, and i added a couple pics of 'roos to the UC album.

can't think of anything else right now, and i need to still transfer all the pics and then need to make sure i don't miss my ride to the mall to shop for groceries, so laters

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Ashley said...

Now you know why I prefer to live alone! The hike sounds awesome (I'm gonna see that sometime) ... Spring break was pretty cool, ask Andy about his adventures in Colorado (hee hee hee). Have a good week, dude!