Thursday, March 03, 2005

nothing new

hey, hope everything is going good for everyone. not too much new and/or interesting things have really gone on lately. tuesday was kinda interesting though (in a way). on monday and tuesday nights a club (called the labor club) has a buffet meal thing for under $7, so a group of us went there for dinner. since its a club and such they were checking id's to get in (oh and you have to go in with someone who's a member if you're not a member). anyways, 1/2 of us didn't get in (one of which was me). the lady at the front counter said i couldn't get in 'cause my driver's license and the other 2 or 3 photo ids i had weren't good enough, i needed to have my passport (but i'm not going to carry my passport around with me since its kind of an important thing if i should happen to loose it). another guy in our group had the same problem (he's from malaysia). bryan the aussie that didn't in was because his id card had expired. so after leaving the front entrance we went to the back one, signed in and got in. as we were standing in line for food, the lady from the front counter came and asked if we had gone and gotten our passports. since we didn't she continued to say something about that we could get banned from the labor club for doing what we did. its not like it would be too horrible of a thing to get banned from there anyways, there's nothing to impressive about it. there's dozens of other clubs. anyways, went home and just made myself a sandwich, which probably was cheaper than what i would have paid.

i haven't put the new pics up yet, but maybe by this weekend they will be up. hmm...really can't think of anything else to really type.

wait just thought of something. for those of you at Tech, a person from the raver emailed me asking me if i would send a summary of what i've been doing in australia, so there might be something in the next raver or the one after that.

well thats all for now (plus i have a class that starts in 15 minutes or so). cheers


Ashley said...

Something worthwhile in the Raver? Scandalous. Hey, any way I could work something out with you for FilmQuest in a couple weeks? (I think a phone call from my friend in Australia might be worth something extra...) Later!

daz said...

the item could be talking to someone on the other side of the world