Wednesday, March 16, 2005

radio communication

so today was the first lab for my radio communications class. the lab started at 8:30 (its the earliest i think anyone in my class has had to get up in quite a while as we were all about to fall asleep). none of us really knew what we where doing and it didn't help that all of us were doing different labs (all the labs for the semester are set up and we just rotate/pick one to do next week). the professor was actually told us in the 1st hour of lecture today that he was expecting it to be kinda chaotic, since we hadn't learned everything yet that we need to know for the lab. oh yeah, and since we were a little behind, he decided to just have 4 hrs of lecture today instead of 3 hrs lecture and 1 tutorial (although we were asking lots of questions when he was lecturing). sometimes i don't know if he understands the questions right away or not, 'cause he'll say one thing, explain it, then the person will ask the question again (in a yes/no sort of way) which was what the person asking the question was wanting all the time. anyways, back to the lab. i didn't think it was really possible to have much older equipment than tech has, but yup wrong again. i think i'm gonna take my camera next week and take a picture of the equipment to let yous (aussie term) see it.

i'm really glad the class is over for the day, although now (once i get off the computer) gotta get something to eat and get ready for my v-ball game tonight. i wonder if the jerseys are in yet (i had to buy a jersey). the club will by the jersey back for $10 less than what i paid, but i think i might just keep it. i wasn't able to get the number 18, cause someone else was already that number. actually i think all 3 numbers that i picked are already taken, oh well.

oh yeah, saint patricks day is tomorrow. i really want to find the movie boondock saints to watch tomorrow, but i don't think i'm gonna have that good of luck in finding it. some of the aussies i've talked to have seen it though. i'm also trying to get the to watch Equilibrium, although some of them say it looks "dodgy" (can't think of the equivalent word we'd use right at this moment and i'm too lazy to find out, 'cause it varies a little depending on the text you use it in). anyways i'm getting hungry, so laters


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