Wednesday, March 09, 2005

playing musical classrooms

hey, just got out of my classes, and had to write about what happened at the beginning of them. at the lecture earlier this morning the teacher had said that the next lecture would be in 11c34 (building 11, floor c (3rd), room 34). so all 9 of us are standing outside the room waiting for the teacher to show up. waited for about 20 minutes and then someone decided to go downstairs to see if the teacher was in any of the other rooms we had had lectures in before. the person came back and said that there was a note on one of the doors that said the class was in 6c9, so we all went there and when we got there, the was no teacher. so then we went to the teachers office (in building 11) and found him there. he thought that all of us just didn't show up because we didn't want to and then we had to convince him to teach us today (he didn't want to since he thought we didn't show up). in the end we ended up having the class in 11c34. when the teacher got to the room, he understood that it was all just a failure of communication (meaning he wanted, well maybe not wanted to teach, but he didn't not want to teach if that makes sense). well i'm getting hungary since i haven't had anything to eat for multiple hours, laters


Ashli and Jen said...


We're just dropping a line from Illinois on our awesome spring break trip. Hope you are having a blast, don't die and talk to ya soon! We miss ya man.

daz said...

what are you guess doing in illinois? where did everyone else go for spring break? did anyone want to come and visit me? :)