Sunday, March 20, 2005

slow sunday

not much has happened as of today, at least not yet. just wasting some time before i have to go to volleyball practice and procrastinating on some homework. the homework really shouldn't take all that long to do. i just have to analyze an urban legend and say what parts of it make it an urban legend, or something like that. the urban legend i'm gonna do is the one about if you see a car driving around w/out its headlights on, not to flash it 'cause its a gang initiation. i tried thinking of some other ones, but i couldn't. although in my searching i found a web page that has haunted places in colorado, it might have a link to ones in SD too.

oh yeah, did laundry today too, was running out of clean shorts, jeans, etc. i keep thinking i should by some more, but then i think that i won't have room to bring them back, so who knows what i'm gonna do. that just made me think of how cold the aussies were saying it was last week (did i already talk about this, i forget). it was around 18 degrees celsius, which is 60-something farenheit (if my quick little conversion is right). to me that's still warm enough.

spent a lot of money on friday. i payed for 5 day sailing trip around the whitsunday islands for my break. the tkts to get to the place was almost the same price as it was for the sailing. although thats not all that big of a surprise. still need to figure out what i'm gonna do for the other half of my break though. actually i need to figure out for sure what i'm gonna be doing this weekend (if i want to go to sydney w/ aussie friends, or head to melbourne with some other international students).

well, i better get headed to volleyball

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Ashley said...

Oh, the jealousy continues. A five-day sailing trip ... Sounds awesome. Thanks for the call last night, Darren, it kept things interesting. Not much else to say, so ... have a good week!